Am I a failure...

This year was the first year I participated in Inktober.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar, it is an on-line event started by Jake Parker that occurs the entire month of October for artists and illustrators.  Every day for the month of October you are to post via your favorite social media site, I used Instagram, a new ink drawing.  

I was determined and a little worried about this project.  Not unlike many people in the arts, I have a full time job along with my art career.  My sad story is I am gone from my home 12 hours a day five days a week.  On a typical work day I am home around 8 pm and shower, cook, eat and get to sit for maybe 30 minutes before I head for bed at the embarrassingly early 9:30 pm.  The only way I could make this challenge work for myself was to get up 4:30 or 5 am everyday to draw.  I found this kind of nice.  The house was quiet and drawing became a little like a morning meditation.  

I like making challenges for myself to grow-this time I was going to draw everyday!  Let me preface this first.  I love to draw.  I love how it takes me away for even just a little while.  I like feeling I made or did something-it is satisfying, but there were definite days I was not feeling it. I decided to use a prompted Inktober  subject list instead of creating my own.  I thought I would get more out of topics and subject matter I would not normally chose for myself.  The point of this is to be challenged.  And I was. The hard days were days I was not very interested in the subject I was prompted or I was just plain tired from the day.  I learned to just push through it and was surprised by my results and feedback.

This challenge was good for me to see what I can learn when I do draw everyday.  I can see a progression and even noticed I was able to complete these more quickly.  Letting go of perfection is important I think in being an artist.  The imperfections are what makes things more interesting.  They are your style.

I succeeded sorta with this challenge. I went in strong.  Even had a few days ahead of schedule worked out. 9-5 started to impede, not on purpose.  Quarterly meetings, reviews due, staffing challenges arose and made things a little harder.  But that was okay..I expected some of these.  The other challenge was still being a good partner to the one I love.  I have the tendency to tunnel vision when I have my mind on something.  This is great in getting shit done.  This is not so great when you unintentionally forget to connect with others. So I learned I can totally do this challenge!  I also learned that relationships mean a lot to me and it is important to nourish them.  Balance is important.  So, I actually only did 26 days of Inktober but I am happy about that.