About Andrea Hicks



Andrea Hicks is a fine artist and illustrator currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. Andrea received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University.

Her work primarily is focused on women and their strength and underlying current that motivates them. Andrea’s purpose is to show that there is often more to the story than what is first perceived. Her subjects are either in harmony with their world or in juxtaposition to it. Andrea works to illuminate the viewer that her subjects have a place in this world and it may not be what you thought they ought to be. Andrea’s goal as an artist, with her use of color and subject depiction, is to create art that is a catalyst for the viewer’s own imagination and create their own story.

She had been exhibiting her work in galleries and independent venues on and off since 2000, including Mesa Center of Contemporary Arts, Shemer Art Gallery, and Limner Art Gallery. Currently, her work can be viewed in Seattle at Arosa Cafe.









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